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Let's Partner To Build Together

Building is Hard Work

So many skill sets are required to grow a strong organization. You know it's all vital, but not every aspect is easy for you.


Torace is a builder that wants to help you focus on what you're best at by doing the essential things you don't have time for or experience in. 

Our design is to help. Get support on demand.

You have the vision for what God is calling your church to become. An Experienced organizational developer can help you bring that dream to reality.

The Support You Need Is Here

Leaders often need someone to help them create & communicate a clear strategy for themselves and their team while having the expertise to bring the right resolutions at the right time. In the end, we still function as an Executive Pastor by helping to make the Senior Pastor's vision a reality.

We Can Help With:

Staffing &

  • Org Chart Development

  • Strategy & Structure

  • Crisis Management 

  • Leadership Development

  • Vision/Mission/Values

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Prophetic Teams

  • Healing Teams

  • Deliverance Teams

  • Evangelism & Outreach Teams

  • Prayer Teams


& Systems
  • Small groups 

  • Christian Education 

  • Church Management Softwares

  • Retention Improvement

  • Assesments

Marketing &
  • Social Media

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Branding Strategy

  • Mass Communications

Add An Experienced Organizational Developer At A Fraction of The Cost!

A Director of Operations is FULLY committed to you and your church! The national average for a Full Time Executive Pastor is $6k a month! An organizational developer can be someone on your team who has a significant amount of ministry expertise without having to hire them with a full-time salary and benefits.


Let's Meet About It!

We'd love to hear more about your church and answer any questions you may have about adding a Virtual Executive Pastor to your team.

What is a Virtual EP?

Studies show that a virtual church team member can bring a high level of experience and expertise. This service allows Torace to be a TOTALLY COMMITTED part of your team. Torace offers a fresh and informed perspective in their area of ministry expertise. And just like onsite full-time employees, they are fully responsible and accountable to you for their area of ministry.

"We really need someone onsite!"

No problem! Torace can add monthly, and/or quarterly onsite time built into your custom plan. Alternatively, on sites can be added on an 'as needed basis.' Onsite time can be used for brainstorming, strategic planning, staff/volunteer development, weekend service observation/review, systems implementation, guest speaking, and more!

What is the cost?

Part of the beauty of having Torace as an organizational developer is that YOU, the church leader, get to have a say in how much you invest. The process is scalable. Maybe you need to address some short-term needs. Or perhaps you’d prefer to work with Torace for a longer term to build out full systems and implement larger strategic initiatives. We will discuss your needs with you and present you with a proposal scaled to your needs. What you get will far exceed the investment you make in the process!

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