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Prophetic Strategy Session

What is a Prophetic Strategy Session?

A Strategy session is a one-time one-on-one consultation designed to provide unparalleled insight. You should seek a strategy if you are:

  • Entrepreneur in need of direction for your company!

  • A Person seeking spiritual direction!

  • Feel called to ministry and need guidance on how to start your development! 

  • Hiring manager who wants to be sure their next hire is the right hire!

What are its benefits?

You will receive:

A time of prayer, hearing, and discerning what the Lord is saying over your concerns before your appointment:

  • A detailed talk centered on your current season.

  • Intentional sorting through God’s vision for your life.

  • Generating action plans.

  • A customized reading list

  • Pinpointing the areas of your life where God wants you to grow and develop.

  • Identify possible hindrances/blockages.


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" I Thank God for being able to experience Pastor Torace's prophetic Ministry. You felt the compassion and love that he has for God's people in wanting them to be FREE of any entanglement of the enemy. He spoke accuracy from the Spirit of God and confirm things that God wants me to do. The transparency in him sharing his testimony was authentic and I appreciate his ministry even more. This gift is definitely what is needed in the Body of Christ! "

- Anonymous


Consultation Form

What type of consultation are you seeking?

Terms & Conditions:

Prophetic Consulting Agreement

1. Prophetic Consulting is not currently a regulated industry. It will be solely the client's responsibility to determine the effectiveness of the services rendered and the competency of the consultant/coach.

2. Prophetic Consulting 
is not psychotherapy, counseling, or any other form of therapy. Prophetic Consulting/Coaching does not address mental disorders or illnesses as defined by the Department of Health. Your Prophetic Consulting/Coaching sessions are not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, or any other therapy.

3. Prophetic Consulting assumes the mental health of the client. Prophetic/life coaching is a collaborative process that is present and future-oriented. It is action-oriented, solution-focused, and encourages change. It involves accountability and commitment to growth through increased competence, dedication, and confidence.

4. As the client, you set the agenda for these sessions, and your success will largely depend upon your willingness to define goals and try new approaches. As your prophetic/life coach, you can expect me to be honest and direct, asking straightforward questions and offering challenging techniques to help you keep moving forward.

5. As the client, you understand that prophecy is not always accurate and that it is a requirement for you to assess the validity of the prophecy. It is also understood that prophecy is a guide to help you move forward and that any actions taken are at your responsibility. Lastly, you understand that A prophetic consultation is not a service where you pay for prophetic ministry. This session is about strategy 

6. As the client, I understand that prophetic consultations are non-refundable and can only be rescheduled. 


Confidentiality is an essential element of the coaching process. Your identity and ongoing work will be kept strictly confidential. I will only release information about our work with your written permission or if I am required to do so by law. The following exceptions will apply:
If you report child, or elder abuse, or neglect or threaten to harm yourself or someone else, you understand that necessary actions will be taken, and my confidentiality agreement will be limited in this capacity. Furthermore, if I am ordered by a court to provide information or to testify, then I will do so to the extent the law requires.

Acknowledgment and Release of Liability

By checking the box below this disclosure and consent statement, I acknowledge that I understand the above information. I agree to hold harmless Torace Solomon or anyone associated with Torace Solomon Ministries from all liabilities and claims, which may arise as a result of my participation in Prophetic Consulting.

We have received your form. Thanks for submitting! You will received an email response once reviewed. 

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